Ecology? For us more than a trend!

This means for us being at one with our natural environment and feeling it. We us only deciduous hardwoods and allow no chemical treatment of the wood. Our surfaces are never sealed, rather treated with biological oils and waxes so they remain open-pored. The wood remains tactile, its inner-quality open to the outside. Both wood and user can breathe.


Manufacturing and production partner

For over 20 years ZEITRAUM has been renowned for ecology and sustainability, both of which are clearly apparent in all of their products. ZEITRAUM offers products that have been manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner and have been treated with all due respect throughout the manufacturing process.

ZEITRAUM’s furniture is manufactured by small to medium-sized craftsmen workshops, most of which are based in Germany. The majority of our producers are located less than 250 kilometers away from ZEITRAUM. They all procure local timber from the woods nearby to guarantee short transportation and delivery routes as well as close communication and cooperation with ZEITRAUM. We foster and promote long-term and reliable partnerships with them.

We produce in differently sized and specialized companies, all of which have a background in craftsmanship. Unlike most industrialized products our partner companies are owner-managed. At ZEITRAUM we place a high value on openness to innovative solutions and joy of creativity. Every employee participating in the production process is able to share their very own personal experiences and expertise in order to enhance the product. ZEITRAUM produces largely to order and is thus able to respont to indivudal customer requests – so each pieces of furniture becomes unique.


Origin of the wood

Each piece of ZEITRAUM furniture is unique. The timber for each piece is individually selected and combined making it unique in terms of colour and grain. All the wood used by ZEITRAUM, actually oak, ash, beech, maple, cherry and walnut, originates from forests that comply with the FSC standard. ZEITRAUM does not import timber from regions endangered by massive logging and clearing by fire practices. Types of wood which do not originate from our indigenous forests, such as American walnut and cherry, are obtained from reforestation areas in North America. They are shipped untreated and without pesticides as round woods to Germany, where they are then sawn and dried accordingly. ZEITRAUM’s production partners are in close contact with their timber suppliers and personally ensure that they know the exact origin of the wood. The wood is processed without any chemical pretreatment and simply requires formaldehyde-free glue. The wood is able to breathe as its surfaces’ pores are kept open and are treated with organic and solvent-free oils and wax.


Supplier for shaped woods

Our supplier for shaped woods was the first one in Germany to receive the PEFC certificate. Sustainable forest management according to the PEFC is in harmony with nature and fosters timber production in line with ecological, economical and social principles. It protects our woods whilst simultaneously providing the ecological commodity timber in a sustainable manner (www.becker-kg.de). Durability and sustainability is created automatically by a solid, quality workmanship and the standard of timeless design and elegance.


When trees bloom twice, …

… a long winter looms.It is clear that trees do not only serve as a weather forecast, as forests and timber products also play an important climatic role. The growth of biomass (timber) extracts carbon from the air (roughly 50 % of the wood consists of carbon) and deposits it in the biomass. This ensures that the carbon is stored away for the period of time between photosynthesis and oxidation by decomposition or burning. The use of long-lasting wood products ties up the carbon for decades in the timber and therefore reduces the CO2 concentration in the air. Forests simultaneously regulate water cycles, secure our drinking water needs, maintain the soil‘s fertility and protect against erosion (www.infoholz.at).