Flexible and powerful

ZEITRAUM is a small and very flexible company working in the areas of product design, furniture sales and distribution, and commercial furnishing. ZEITRAUM works with a core of 10 people. Our goods are produced by qualified manufacturers in Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain.

Our production structure ranges from mass-producers to small manufacturers, enabling us to react flexibly and efficiently to customer needs.Representatives in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Mexico etc. as well leadshops in New York and Toronto are further important building-blocks in our company.


High adaptability and selective sales

ZEITRAUM produces largely to order and is thus able to respond effectively to individual customer requests – an important advantage in today’s market.

ZEITRAUM’s sales structure encompasses only design-oriented retailers with a high market profile. Our aim is to establish long term, trustworthy partnerships. We support this aim with courses and seminars for our sales partners.