europäische Eiche

European Oak

A German saying goes: “von den Eichen sollst Du weichen, die Buche sollst Du suchen” (Avoid oaks and look for beech trees). According to this saying, the oak tree doesn't have a good reputation – at least when a storm is approaching. The idea that oak trees are more likely to be hit by lightning than beeches has actually not been substantiated. What is definite is that the oak tree has always been a tree with strong symbolic power. Its hard wood and late falling leaves make the oak a symbol for immortality, steadfastness and fidelity. Researchers have discovered that it hosts more organisms than any other kind of tree – a sign that the oak tree has been rooted in Europe for a very long time. It ranks among our most valuable, indigenous woods and can live for up to 2000 years. Oak wood is relatively neutral in colour and is almost grey, allowing it to be combined well with other materials. Visible tree rings, a sturdy, consistent structure and elasticity are characteristic of this wood. It is also practical that wood from European oak trees is wear-resistant and weatherproof. We source our oak wood from northern Bavaria.