Marc O’Polo Flagshipstore

DE – München,

In the Munich flagship store of clothing manufacturer Marco O’Polo you can experience the space-filling effect of the light NOON 12 by ZEITRAUM. The store is designed as a modern flat in an old building, with interspersed objects such as wooden hat models, photos, memorabilia, books and stacked suitcases, a cultivated setting for relaxed shopping.

The light is one of the showpieces of the sophisticated dramaturgy, unobtrusive yet present. Like on the stage the separate areas are illuminated specifically. This is taken care of by 300 lights spread out over two floors. The lighting concept functions like a walk in the forest. Customers wander from one lighted area to the next further into the depths of the store.

Architect/Planner: Marc O’Polo
Photographer: Marc O’Polo