Fabrics from Kvadrat

Kvadrat is a second generation family business founded in 1968 in Denmark. The core competence of the fabric manufacturer lies in the high-quality processing of textiles and textile-like products for professional orders from architects, furniture manufacturers and private customers. Kvadrat continuously explores the aesthetic, technological and artistic limits of textiles and is now one of the world’s market leaders in this field. But it is not only the quality of the fabrics that speaks for itself. The company is very innovative and always works with the highest ecological demands on its products. This is one of the reasons why they have been awarded the EU Flower of the Environment. For this award all processes “from cradle to grave” are checked, this includes the origin of the cotton and the production up to the finished product as well as the qualitative characteristics.

But the company goes even further and is working to ensure that the products are manufactured according to the Cradle-to-cradle principle (see p. 24, 5. Economy, but in circulation) can be recycled. It feels obliged to provide solutions to the global environmental problems and takes over responsibility as market leader.

In the subsidiary company “Really”, for example, the material remnants from production are processed into high-quality panel materials. The amount of waste is reduced and a further life cycle is created. In addition, the innovative Revive fabric group consists of 100 % recycled polyester yarn. This yarn is made from ordinary disposable PET bottles. The use of the bottles in the textile industry makes sense in many respects and is particularly environmentally friendly. On the one hand, the bottles, which are difficult to clean, usually end up in landfills and, on the other hand, fossil resources, energy and transport routes are saved, which would be necessary when processing oil into polyester. The environmental impact of this material, such as energy consumption or global warming potential, is only about half that of ordinary polyester materials.

In addition to the environmental flower, the company has been awarded numerous other environmental labels and always ensures absolute transparency for its customers.