Linoleum was developed in 1860 by the English chemist Frederick Walton and is considered an almost absolutely pure natural product. The name of the material is derived from the Latin terms linum ‘lin’ and oleum ‘oil’. Besides linseed oil, cork flour and jute fabric as main components, tree resin, wood flour, limestone powder and mostly natural pigments are used. Linoleum consists almost exclusively of natural and renewable raw materials.

It is used as a floor or wall covering, as a printing plate in the fine arts or as a furniture surface. It is very resistant, can be repaired and can even be used in the medical sector without hesitation. In addition, linoleum is antistatic by nature, making it allergy-friendly and ideally suited as a table surface.

Forbo Flooring GmbH, the manufacturer of the linoleum used at ZEITRAUM, accepts the responsible use of resources in all dimensions as a basic value of the company. Forbo is committed to environmental protection and continuously invests in a sustainable future. The company sets the highest standards with regard to ecological aspects and attaches great importance to health, safety and quality in every respect.