amerikanischer Nussbaum

North American Black Walnut Tree

The black walnut originally comes from the eastern United States, but it has been present in Germany for over 300 years. It was first mainly found in parks, but today it is increasingly loved as a forest tree. Its wood is one of the most beautiful and valuable woods. Its striped texture and fine, flowery pattern have an extravagant and noble effect. We get the walnut tree wood that we use from Missouri-Pacific Lumber, which is a family-run business operating since 1935. Sustainable forestry has been practised there for years. In vast forests only isolated walnut trees are felled in order to let light into the forests and allow new trees to be able to grow. Young trees in the forests of Missouri are also provided for by the squirrels which live there. They bury nuts in the ground but don't, however, find them all again, which is equivalent to natural sowing.