Barstool 1.3 BAR
Barstool 1.3 BAR
Barstool 1.3 BAR


GB – London,

With the influence of Naples, the land where lemons grow, ‘Over opens in the art district of the British capital. ‘Over is a traditional Neapolitan cuisine restaurant with an innovative contemporary twist.

Inspired by the beauty and harmony of an artistic space, Quiet Studios creates for ‘Over a serene, pure and bright space, with the combination of noble materials such as marble, ceramic, brass and walnut. The chosen furniture is teak Scandinavian-style from mid-twentieth century, carefully selected from various antique dealers in London. This is complemented by the elegant barstools in walnut wood from Zeitraum.

Quiet Studios creates a harmonious table composition through a selection of Scandinavian ceramics, wood vases from Japan, household goods of Portuguese craftsmanship, unique chandeliers and antique pieces acquired in Berlin and London antiquaries. In addition to the purchased products, Quiet Studios designs unique pieces for ‘Over, which provide identity and uniqueness to the brand, as the design of leather pieces produced by hand in southern Spain.

‘Over represents the union of the classic and minimalist in a harmonious and distinguished space, amid the bustle of London.

Architect/Planner: Quiet Studios
Photographer: Giuliano Berarducci, Alexander Papakonstadinou