We build furniture as
a bridge between generations

Cultural asset solid wood

Wood and the associated handicrafts are an ancient cultural asset that has shaped people’s way of life for centuries. Especially here in the Alpine region, where ZEITRAUM is located, it has a long tradition. Wood is a very sensual material. Until the finished furniture is in our customers’ homes, it passes through many hands, which in turn leave their mark and their energy. With every design, we try to appreciate the beauty of nature. This grace is revealed to the user as soon as he runs his hand over the wood and gets involved with the furniture.

The care of the craftsman begins
with the selection and composition of the individual woods
and is completed with the surface treatment.

The love for the material
and the claim to make each
product a masterpiece, create
the value of our collection.

Wood as cultural asset

Anchored in traditional craftsmanship, the organic natural product is one of the oldest materials worked by human hands, a cultural asset.

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The manufacturing process is oriented towards natural material honesty and durability. The material-appropriate processing of the precise and and simple designs is the top priority.

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Regional production

We draw from the wealth of experience gained over centuries in the typical regional woodworking of southern Germany and the Alpine region.

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is a jewel

Wood craftsmanship is a jewel that we want to preserve and nurture. Our furniture is made for a long life – they are future heirlooms. Because that is also sustainability: sufficiency. This term describes conscious living with few, but high-quality things, according to the motto „Identify the essential“.


Working with solid wood requires concentration and skill from every single person at the workpiece. The high level of training of our master carpenters and journeymen plays a decisive role in the production of our furniture. This begins with the selection of the wood, which requires a trained and sensitised eye – even when assembling the raw boards, the image of the finished tabletop must be clear.

If you gently stroke the surface of our furniture
with your hand, you can feel the sensual, warm and unique
character of this living material.

We are enthusiastic developers and strive for continuous
quality improvement. Pushing the limits of material processing
and coming up with ingenious solutions are our motivation.