Furniture made of solid wood
gives people a piece of their
identity and roots

ZEITRAUM is more than furniture

ZEITRAUM is an attiude to life and the things around us. The objects which accompany us through life should have character, whilst also being practical, adaptable and unobtrusive. They are a mirror and an expression of their owner, a servant and a friend.

A piece of solid wood furniture serves to ground us in our world of non-durable consumer goods and fast-paced society. It provides a person with a sense of identity and roots – at the same time it is a storyteller and preserves the emotions over generations. For us, the woodworking trade is a jewel that we are preserving and constantly developing further with new technologies. We focus our senses on the functional and on high quality.

„Never construct something
that cannot be repaired.“

Richard Buckminster Fuller

ZEITRAUM is something personal.
The enthusiasm for a material which meets our every demand:
It lives, smells good, feels nice, never looks the same.


Our home is in the Bavarian Alpine Upland. We are rooted to our homeland not so much by our location as by the knowledge that life in the Alpine regions are traditionally marked by the conscious use of limited resources.


It takes only one small gesture to understand our love of and enthusiasm for solid wood: Simply run your hand over the surface of our furniture and you will feel the sensual, warm and unique character of this living material.


Working with solid wood requires concentration and skill from every person involved in the process. The high level of training of our master and apprentice cabinetmakers plays a decisive role in the production of our furniture.


With experience and passion in working with solid wood, ZEITRAUM stands for a modern, reduced design language and a sustainable design approach. Sustainability is not a trend for us, but a fundamental corporate philosophy that has been the basis for our thoughts and actions from the very beginning. Founded in 1990, ZEITRAUM was the first German furniture manufacturer to focus on the combination of ecology and design.

Wood experienced

The radiance of our furniture invites you to want to experience the structure and grain equally with your eyes and hands. No matter whether it is cold or warm – wood always conveys a pleasant feeling.

Wood lives

You can’t really see it, because wood lives very slowly. That is impressive. And even even more impressive is that the wood continues to live even after it has long since been felled. Then the floor creaks, then the wall cracks as if it were just getting a thick annual ring.

We make wood visible

It is honest and has character if you treat it right and respect its strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we don’t hide it under an under a layer of varnish, but show its traces of life openly and tangibly.

from sustainable

We use solid hardwoods from renewable sources and do not use any chemical treatment of the wood. Our surfaces are left open-pored with organic hard-wax oil. In this way, the solid wood unfolds its material quality in the best possible way. It remains tangible, wood and user can breathe.

Our furniture makes an impression
because it is good, not because it flaunts frills.
Simplicity can be this exciting.

A healthy indoor
climate creates
quality of life

Even after it has long been felled and processed, wood ensures a good indoor climate and a healthy environment for many decades. The renewable raw material provides us with one of the most attractive materials, with whose natural properties no imitation can compete. The open-pored surface, together with the natural breathing capacity of solid wood, ensures a balanced room climate. It prevents static electricity and therefore does not attract dust, which is especially important for allergy sufferers.

Good for the
wood, good for
the people

Similar to the wood, the mucous membranes also dry out if the air humidity is too low. Balanced humidity not only preserves the appearance of the furniture. The right room climate minimises the formation of joints, reduces shrinkage stress in the glue layers and joints and improves air hygiene. You can experience more comfort and well-being in your home.


We treat our furniture like good friends: considerately and with respect. At the end of the production process, they even get a massage with natural hard-wax oil. In return, they last a very long time, do not impose themselves and age gracefully.

We are superficial

The surfaces of our furniture are important to us. They must feel pleasant, smell natural and look good. This open-pored surface treatment allows the wood to breathe, so to absorb and release room moisture. In addition, this treatment ensures that the material does not become statically charged and therefore does not attract dust.

We saw, you maintain

Taking care of our wood surfaces is a pleasant uncomplicated issue. In most cases wiping the surfaces with a damp cloth is all that´s required. An occasional oiling of heavily strained surfaces such as table tops, will keep the furniture looking great – you might even enjoy it!

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