Small and large projects
are close to our hearts

For a better future

The roots of our values lie in the respectful treatment of our natural habitat,
which should be preserved for future generations in its diversity as a basis for life
and a source of inspiration. We are committed to this world day after day.

German Forest Conservation Fund at NABU

To ensure that forest areas in Germany can once again develop into species-rich natural forests without human intervention, NABU launched the „German Forest Conservation Fund in NABU“ in 2013 through its NABU Foundation National Natural Heritage. Through the Forest Conservation Fund, the NABU Foundation buys forest areas so that they can develop undisturbed into the primeval forests of tomorrow. For example, the beech forests typical of Germany can once again become home to more than 4,300 plant and fungus species and over 6,700 animal species in NABU ownership. We provided financial support for NABU’s „Forest Conservation Fund“ in 2022 and would like to continue this commitment in the future. The preservation and creation of untouched natural areas is a significant part of the sustainable management of our forests.

OroVerde – Tree by tree

OroVerde means “Green Gold” in Spanish. Together with the local people, OroVerde reforests rainforests, establishes protected areas and develops alternative and forest-friendly sources of income. OroVerde is also active in Europe: environmental education in schools and consumer information raise awareness of the connections between consumption and the rainforest. OroVerde handles donations responsibly: As one of the first environmental organisations in Germany, OroVerde has carried the DZI donation seal since 2015. We support the work of OroVerde and ensure that the precious rainforest is protected.


For more than 30 years, the Mountain Forest Project has been working to preserve and protect our forests. In addition to Germany, the project is also represented in Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Spain and Ukraine. The purpose of the association is the protection, preservation and care of the forest, especially the mountain forest and the cultural landscapes, as well as the promotion of understanding for the interrelationships in nature, the concerns of the forest and the dependence of humans on these bases of life.

To make a contribution right on our doorstep, we donated to the Bergwaldprojekt e.V. association in 2022 to support the preservation of our native forests.

Moor rewetting in the Jasmund National Park
Tree planting in Balderschwang

As a sustainable company
ZEITRAUM is committed not only to ecological,
but also social issues.


The beginnings of the Munich street newspaper “BISS-Bürger in sozialen Schwierigkeiten” (BISS-Citizens in Social Difficulty) go way back to 1991, when a conference on homelessness was held at the Protestant Academy in Tutzing, where a comparatively small group of committed people – journalists, social workers and church people – got into conversation with homeless people. The idea was born to start a street newspaper based on the English model, offering poor and homeless people a task and an income. It took another two years before BISS was launched in Munich on October 17, 1993, the UN World Day for Overcoming Poverty, as the first German street newspaper with a circulation of 10,000 copies.
When people move into an apartment for the first time, BISS provides them with money for initial furnishings. ZEITRAUM supports the project with furniture.

Photography: Volker Derlath

Social engagement

Social responsibility is also important regionally, we support
small and large charitable projects with donations in cash and in kind:

• Bürger für Bürger Nachbarschaftshilfe e.V.
• BISS – Bürger in sozialen Schwierigkeiten e.V.
• Diakonie Jugendhilfe Haidhausen
• Klecks Schule der Phantasie e.V. Wolfratshausen
• Kulturraum München e.V.
• Luftikus e.V. – Verein für intensivpflegebedürftige, beatmete Kinder
• Nähwerkstatt Netzwerk e.V.
• Therapiezentrum Osterhof e.V.
• Von Mensch zu Mensch Wolfratshausen