Repairing shows
respect for the resources used
and craftsmanship

Repair and spare parts service

Since 1990, our carpenters have been making furniture with passion and years of experience that will last for generations. Perfect workmanship and the use of high-quality materials create faithful companions for life. Even our furniture cannot escape the signs of time: A chair leg wobbles, a screw is loose, burn and water stains adorn the table top.

Repairing is not an emergency solution,
but a sustainable way of life that leads to more
independence and self-determination.

Repair service

Due to the high reparability of solid wood and the modular design of ZEITRAUM furniture, repairs are easy and possible at any time. We have built up a network of service partners who have expertise in refinishing and repairing ZEITRAUM solid wood furniture.

To the partner repairshops

“Those who repair deal
with things, understand
the world – entirely in the
sense of Humboldt’s
educational ideal of a
coherent understanding.”

W. M. Heckl

Spare parts

Basically, you can reorder all spare parts of the ZEITRAUM collection from us. For some parts, this is even possible 20 years after the purchase of your furniture: from screws, table legs and seat shells to furniture glides.

Our partners have free access to spare parts
of the ZEITRAUM collection and a detailed knowledge
of our range and the materials used.

We repair your ZEITRAUM furniture

• Professional reconditioning and repair of oiled surfaces
• Repair of pressure marks, broken corners or other signs of use
• Spare parts service: from fittings to table legs to wooden seats
• Re-gluing of open glue joints and loose furniture elements
• Replacement of wooden seat and upholstered seat elements

Before – After