Our designs are a tribute
to the pure, the purity of the material
and the durability of the form

Longevity over generations

Our design language is intentionally pure and unostentatious because solid wood is already full of character, due to its organic structure. Each growth ring depicts part of the life history of an entire forest.

In cooperation with international designers, we develop concepts that reach people all over the world who share our attitude. The design follows contemporary needs and resource saving use. Over the course of time each piece of our furniture remains a favourite piece.

Nature´s soul lives
on in the timeless design
of our furniture.

All our thinking has consequences. At the beginning of the
design process is the inspiration that becomes the idea:
You can’t make anything that hasn’t been thought of beforehand.

The shape
of inspiration

The consistency of our ideas begins with the process of manufacturing. Creativity observes, rethinks, combines and alienates. Inspiration is the beginning of every design.

Design is visualised thinking. The design goes through many hands. It is only in production that the idea takes shape. Here it is given the finishing touches and skilfully reflects the design work.

Icons radiate a harmonious aura, calm
and grounded, they have an effect on us.