Rethinking products
and raise awareness among
the general public

Carefully designed and manufactured,
the result is exceptionally durable furniture.

We only use solid, healthy hardwoods, which are processed with precise knowledge of their specific properties. We obtain about 80 % of these from Europe, predominantly from German forests in the regional vicinity of our production facilities. The American wood species, which make up about 20 % of our requirements, come from the large forest areas of North America, Pennsylvania and Missouri. All woods comply with the FSC and PEFC standards. We currently use ash, oak, American cherry and European and American walnut.


ZEITRAUM furniture is designed to be used, maintained and repaired over generations.


ZEITRAUM furniture is a companion for a long life and beyond – it is a future heirloom.


ZEITRAUM furniture contains valuable raw materials that can be reused. All products are tested for their ecological footprint.

Renewable resource

Sustainable forest management is in harmony with nature and promotes timber production according to ecological, economic and social principles. It protects our forests and, at the same time, provides the environmental raw material wood sustainably.

Manufacturing and production partner

ZEITRAUM furniture is made in small to medium-sized handicraft workshops, mainly in Germany. Most of our production partners and suppliers are located within a radius of 600 km from the Wolfratshausen site. We maintain long-term and, therefore, reliable partnerships with them.

Timeless design

High-quality wood joints, professional and material-friendly construction, and high-quality craftsmanship make the furniture hard-wearing and durable. The timeless design makes our furniture trend-independent. Our aim is for it to be used for generations.

Repair and maintenance

Repairs are a living form of sustainability and show respect for the materials and for craftsmanship. Due to the high reparability of solid wood and the modular construction of our products, repairs are easy and possible at any time.

Longevity for generations

Our furniture retains its original charm and faces age with composure. The supposedly transient beauty only reveals itself with the traces of time. These contemporary witnesses represent many small and large memories made for more than just one lifetime.

The forest
as a noise and
dust filter

The forest is a noise and dust filter in one, stores solar energy and is considered an effective pollutant and CO2 sink. And last but not least, along with tree resins, mushrooms, cork and many different fruits, it provides one of the most sustainable and versatile building materials of all: wood.

103 trees
in the year

ZEITRAUM had a solid wood consumption of 103 trees in 2023. The consumption is calculated including offcuts due to quality selection, bark, branches and slanting growth. Sustainable forest management and selective harvesting allows the forest to grow healthily.

During photosynthesis, trees extract CO2
from the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide absorbed from the air
is bound in the form of carbon in the wood.

Wooden furniture
as carbon storage

Forests and wood products have an important climatic function. When biomass (wood) is formed, carbon is removed from the air (about 50 % of wood is carbon) and incorporated into the biomass. This means that carbon is stored in the time between photosynthesis and oxidation through decomposition or burning. Through the use of durable wood products, the carbon remains bound in the wood for decades.

Furniture gets
a second life

Furniture from exhibitions and photo shoots find a second life in our Outlet Shop. Carefully inspected and refurbished furniture with minor signs of use is available at lower prices. In the spirit of sustainability, a second life cycle begins for them.

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