Repair and maintain
deepens the bond between
human and product

Reparability of products

Out of conviction, we commit ourselves holistically to sustainable action and feel obliged to the principle of the reparability of our products. In this way, we guarantee their longevity over generations. In terms of the circular economy, the maintenance of a piece of furniture is a central element of climate protection and serves to conserve natural resources. The longer the life of a piece of furniture, the more its environmental impact is reduced.

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We can put an end to excessive by valuing things more again. ZEITRAUM is committed to reparability. It is a decisive factor for the longevity of our furniture. Repairing puts us in a state of happiness; it harbours a sense of independence.

In a world where things are abundant,
it seems almost revolutionary to repair something.

Furniture with traces of life

Our furniture is separable and repairable – because these two aspects make for a sustainable, self-sufficient way of life. Our furniture can be repaired either in our own workshop in Wolfratshausen or by ourselves. If you take a closer look at your piece of furniture with pleasure, you will discover small traces of life. We provide our customers with a care set with which they can repair small cosmetic repairs themselves. If the distance to our workshop is longer, it is a good idea to take the furniture to the nearest specialist, thus minimising the logistical effort and protecting the environment.

Growth characteristics and colour differences
of wood are natural. It makes
each of our pieces of furniture unique.


The wood colour changes due to indirect and direct sunlight. Oak darkens, cherry becomes more colour-intensive, walnut becomes lighter due to sunlight.

Air humidity

Wood is a living material and reacts to the room climate. In dry air the wood shrinks, in humid air it expands. A constant room temperature around 20° C and a humidity of approx. 50-60 % are ideal.


Too much heat causes the wood to dry out and crack. Notebooks and the like should therefore not be left on the surface in continuous operation and electrical appliances should be placed on an insulating base.

Here you can find relevant
repair and care information
for download.

Repair & Care instructions – WoodPDFDownload
Care instructions – Fabrics & LeatherPDFDownload
Sustainability Report 2021 – ExcerptPDFDownload