Through critical questioning
and accurate analysis,
we strive for a better future

Ecological awareness determines
holistic, sustainable action

For over 30 years, ZEITRAUM has stood for ecology and sustainability, which can be felt in the products. ZEITRAUM offers products that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner from the very beginning and treated with due respect. Therefore, we continuously check, question and revise the quality of our production in order to remain true to our claim. By constantly questioning all process and production levels, being in constant exchange with our production partners and planning innovatively, we are able to think and act ecologically.

We have already met these targets by 2023:

Recycling packaging

In 2023, over 80 % of chairs were already packaged plastic-free. At the beginning of 2024, this figure is almost 90 %. Our goal is to switch completely to recycled material and/or packaging material made from renewable raw materials.

More transparency

Since 2023, each Furniture Footprint data sheet has included an overview of general product information. This overview provides a detailed overview of the recycled content, the manufacturing location of the furniture parts, the storage location of the product and information about our supplier relationships.

Acting together

In the meantime, 100 % of our production facilities and 74 % of our most important suppliers have signed the Code of Conduct.

Valuing and preserving things

In 2022, we began building a network for repair workshops. Since the beginning of 2024, this network already has 19 partners in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

“When people ask me what
imagination means to me,
I respond: imagination is the
search for a better world.”

Oscar Niemeyer

We have
much to do

We will need foresight and prudence to cope with the inevitable upheavals and changes in our lives in the years to come.
Where are our roots? Where do we feel at home? How do we want to live? At ZEITRAUM we think about these questions and are guided by our desires for a better world.

These are the goals we set for the future:

Sustainable packaging

Since 2023, we have been packing almost 90% of our chairs in pure cardboard packaging. By the end of 2024, we want to pack all chairs plastic-free.

Reusable recycled fleece

So far, we have packed tables and beds in foam sheets. By 2025, this material will be completely replaced with a recycled fleece from Bavaria.

A strong network

Our goal is to find 25 partner workshops in Germany and 10 in European capitals or major cities by 2025 and 5 workshops outside Europe by 2030.