A Tribute to Jazz Composer Cole Porter

Located in the heart of Munich, the all-day bar Cole & Porter combines music with a classic Italian bar and an old Viennese coffee house. Accompanied by soft jazz sounds, Munich residents can enjoy sweet cakes and savoury snacks and end the day by relaxing with an Apero.

The select interior exudes international flair. An Italian mosaic floor from the 1920s, English wallpaper with colourful birds, dark wood panelling and custom trumpet lamps made of brass convey the extravagant charm of this all-day bar. You could almost expect to see Cole Porter himself behind the counter.

The room narrow and elongated, the lounge corner small and cosy. With the Cole & Porter we have found the perfect ambience for a photo series with the ensemble of the 1.3 collection. The space-saving shapes and stable construction of the chair, stool and bar stool are particularly suited for small restaurants, bars and bistros. The extreme contrast between the graphite black and chalky white stained solid wood furniture underscores the expressive character of this all-day bar. Subtle nuances round off the ambience and make you want to enjoy one of their signature drinks, which you can sip while listening to the tunes by Cole Porter.