Connected to nature

We cordially invite you to this year‘s Orgatec at Design Post Cologne.

We look forward to welcoming you and to inspiring days at Orgatec.

25 to 29 October 2022
Tuesday to Friday 9 am to 8 pm
Saturday 9 am to 6 pm

Design Post Köln
Deutz-Mülheimer-Straße 22a
50679 Cologne


Discover the diversity of natural materials

The ZENSO HIGH armchair was designed to be upholstered exclusively with natural materials. It should combine the high standards of craftsmanship and environmentally friendly materials. We are continuing to work on the implementation of the overall concept.

The upholstery construction made of sustainable and ecological materials is technically as well as conceptually innovative.

The overlay made of breathable pure wool fleece not only ensures comfort when sitting, but is also a moisture reservoir. It can absorb and release up to 33% moisture without feeling damp. Pure new wool regulates the air humidity and creates a healthy room climate and clean air.

The elongated quill is curved and thus elastic. The soft feather branches emanating from it interlock and are permeable to air. Thanks to its structure, the feather has the property of always restoring its original shape and is therefore dimensionally stable even after sitting for a long time. Our feathers used are proven not to come from live plucking.

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Cotton is a suitable cover fabric because the vegetable fibre is breathable, robust, tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant and air-permeable. It keeps the shape in form and ensures a long durability. The cotton fabric is of course from controlled organic cultivation.

Wood is a renewable resource and carbon neutral. Compared with other materials its use requires the lowest amount of energy. Furniture with an exceptionally long life is produced through careful design and manufacture.

The elasticity of the natural latex provides the pleasant sitting feeling and makes the cushions so squishy. The raw material natural rubber is obtained as white sap from the rubber tree. The natural raw material is hypoallergenic and bactericidal and therefore particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

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