The interplay of volume and surface reinterpreted

The AEON chair family moves fluidly between statics and dynamics and appears organic.

AEON celebrates the interplay between volume and surface, masterfully blending the flexibility of a moulded wood shell with the stability of a solid wood frame. This fusion not only creates a harmonious design but also achieves an optimal balance between form and function: tactile precision meets human-centric design. The solid wood construction supports the curved seat shell with remarkable lightness, enhancing a high level of comfort and freedom of movement for every user.

Photo: Peter Guenzel

“I wanted a ‘human-centred’
design language that makes
the solid wood visible and
tangible in the frame.”

Mathias Hahn

Every detail of this chair has been meticulously designed for aesthetic balance and longevity. The profiles of the legs and frame intersect harmoniously, creating a visually dynamic and contemporary piece. AEON is available in various versions: as chair, as armchair and optionally with a wooden seat or an upholstered seat. The minimalist wooden shell impresses with sophistication, while the upholstered version provides an intriguing contrast of materials.

The precise lines and reduced design of the AEON chair family represent highest quality craftsmanship and timeless design.

Photo: Peter Guenzel
Photo: Peter Guenzel

The puristically shaped wooden shell impresses with its minimalist refinement, while the upholstered version forms an exciting material contrast that seamlessly integrates into the form. The continuous integration of the compact armrests is not only found in the chair, but also in the AEON BAR bar stool. The result is a chair family that is suitable for a wide range of applications – whether in the contract or residential sector.

Both the material and manufacturing properties played a key role in the development of the AEON chair family. Its precise lines and simple design represent the highest craftsmanship. The result is an icon of timeless design and modern elegance.