Florian Hauswirth

Florian Hauswirth, born 1976 in Dielsdorf, near Zurich, CH. Following a four-year traineeship as a technical model maker in a model and mould design office, Florian Hauswirth worked for five years a professional in the field – initially with small companies, later for three years as a product developer for the Vitra furniture manufacturer in Birsfelden, close to Basel in Switzerland. During his four-year degree in industrial design, he continued his work as a model maker in the semester breaks.

Florian Hauswirth is a versatile designer. His wide experience in designing at various scales and in various spheres has allowed him to develop an independent profile, contributing to multiple fields. A communicative person, he gladly works in teams. His social “flair”, mixed with his design “ingenuity” makes him an welcome project partner in a wide range of constellations and areas. He sees himself as a proponent of the “human factor” in what is an ever-increasingly anonymous world of work. It’s up to us, how we shape both this and our entire environment. Starting from the capitalist, industrial model, our society needs to move towards more cooperative structures.

“As a designer, one should be aware of one’s responsibilities. The projects you undertake should contribute to a meaningful future.”

Designed by Florian Hauswirth