Aesthetics and minimalism

The heart of this minimalist chair designed by Läufer & Keichel is the solid wood seat. With its CNC-milled form, the solid wood seat anchors the chair frame and backrest. The brackets are simply bolted to the underside and are not visible from above. The connection of the backrest is achieved without visible fixings, creating a strikingly simple silhouette – a key feature to the OKITO family.

In addition to the ergonomically shaped solid wood seat and backrest, the double bar of the backrest contributes to the special seating comfort of the chair. When leaning back, the backrest slightly springs back, it also follows the rotational movements of the upper body. OKITO keeps the sitter grounded in every position, without restricting their mobility.

Due to the low material usage, the OKITO chair weighs less than five kilograms. OKITO can be completely dismantled and shipped flat packed – reducing the packaging size considerably. Four dismounted OKITO chairs can be transported in the cargo volume that would normally take a single mounted chair.

OKITO can be completely
dismantled and shipped
packed – reducing the
packaging size considerably.

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The ergonomics of the OKITO solid wood chair were transferred to the OKITO PLY shaped wood version. In addition to the optics convinced OKITO PLY by ist light weight of three kilograms. It allows it to be perfectly stacked, transported and shipped. It thus offers all the advantages of an object chair.

Marcus Keichel und Julia Läufer, Läufer & Keichel

Solid or veneered, stackable, mulitpurpose

OKITO and OKITO PLY is designed as a comprehensive product family: stools are added to the chair OKITO STOOL and bar stools OKITO BAR, OKITO PLY BAR in different heights, as well a table and high table OKITO TABLE. Whether individually or in series, the OKITO family offers versatile possibilities for the furnishing of restaurants, bars, libraries and auditoria. A stacking trolley OKITO TROLLEY is also available for projects.