Other materials

Natural Paper and textile covering

The textile covering used by ZEITRAUM for the NOON lamp family consists of 75 % viscose and 25 % polyamide. The viscose fibres used are made from natural cellulose and processed with polyamide fibres to form a fabric. The inside of the fabric is then coated with natural papers.


Linoleum was developed in 1860 by the English chemist Frederick Walton. It is an artificially manufactured product made from renewable raw materials. The name of the material is composed of the Latin terms linum “flax” and oleum “oil”. In addition to linseed oil, cork flour and jute fabric, tree resins, wood flour, limestone powder and mostly natural mineral pigments are used. It is a flexible, resistant, repairable and allergy-friendly material. (cf. HEGGER, 2005)

Forbo Flooring GmbH, the manufacturer of the linoleum used by us, takes the responsible use of resources as one of the company’s core values. Forbo is committed to environmental protection and continuously invests in a sustainable future. The company sets the highest standards in terms of ecological aspects and places a great deal of importance on health, safety and quality. Since 2021, they have launched the “Sustainability Programme 2025” for the sustainable development of the company – In this, goals are anchored in the areas of circular economy, commitment and well-being. In addition, the company is certified with the “Prüfsiegel für gesicherte Nachhaltigkeit” (Seal of Approval for Assured Sustainability) of the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics. The guiding principle of the certification is the interplay of ecology, economy and social responsibility in the company.



The name ceramic is derived from the ancient Greek term keramos (= fired earth). It is an artificial material made from natural raw materials such as clays, loams, mineral and/or organic additives. For this purpose, the ingredients are first crushed, mixed, moistened and shaped into any desired form, and then dried and fired. (cf. HEGGER, 2005) ZEITRAUM uses ceramics for the bowls of the APU occasional furniture series.

Moulded fleece

Moulded fleece is a 100 % recyclable material from Fritz Becker GmbH & Co. KG. It is characterised by its versatile formability, excellent dimensional stability and high impact strength. It offers new design possibilities in furniture construction and is an attractive alternative to other materials. Shaped nonwoven impresses with its pleasant feel and warm surface. However, the fleece is not only recyclable, but in the grey version, which is exclusively used at ZEITRAUM, 60 % of it is made of secondary material. Moulded fleece is food-safe and consists of polyester fibres that are pressed at high temperature without additional additives to form a stable structure.

In addition to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate, the moulded fleece bears the “LGA TÜV” seal and thus meets the highest requirements regarding pollutant emissions and the avoidance of legally prohibited substances. ZEITRAUM uses moulded fleece as a cable tray for the RAIL office desk system.