Cabin Spacey

DE – Anyplace, 2018 | Residential

Cottage feeling for the modern nomad

Two architects wanted to counteract the increasing scarcity of housing: with a novel living concept for flat roofs. “Cabin Spacey” they christened their project. The first prototype was in Berlin. But not only in crowded cities on roofs you can place the minimal houses, they are also suitable for mini-plots. Equipped with everything a modern nomad needs – bath, bed, kitchen and dining area. A lot of wood in the interior makes the cabin as cozy as a hut. Large glass windows with built-in seating corners let in a lot of light and make the room look bigger. This minimal house is equipped with our E8 table, chair 1.3 CHAIR and stool 1.3 STOOL.

Architect:Cabin Spacey
Photographer:Jules Villbrandt

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