Kapelle Kempten

DE – Kempten, 2004 | Public Building

Place of silence

The artist duo Lutzenberger & Lutzenberger juxtaposed solid and smooth architecture of stone and concrete with the living material of wood. Sawn and planed, and thus alive and moving in the surface.

The altar wall consists of 4.361 small movable flags made of cherry wood. The rotation and position of these flags produce a five-metre high cross on this wall. This wall defines the interior. It stands in backlight conditions, transforming the cross into a cross of light during the day. At night this effect is reversed. The room as a whole becomes a warm glowing body of light that carries the message of the cross outside.

The prayer room is furnished with the ZEITRAUM chair SIT in American walnut.

Architect:RRP Architekten München
Artist:Lutzenberger & Lutzenberger
Photography:Monika Bürner

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