Munch Museet

NO – Oslo, 2021 | Public Building

Shifted by the wind

The Munch Museum is dedicated to the artist Edvard Munch and houses the world’s largest collection of works by the Norwegian artist. His famous painting “The Scream” is also on display, along with numerous variations in his hometown of Oslo. The 13-storey building is located directly at Oslo harbour. The passive house made of low-carbon concrete and recycled steel meets the standards for environmentally friendly construction.

The angular building piles upwards and is displaced on the upper floors as if by the wind. In a welcoming gesture, the striking architecture leans towards the city. A cladding of recycled and perforated aluminium panels serves as a sunshade. The metal surface reflects the changing light during the day, while at night it begins to glow. On the top floor is an observation deck with spectacular views of the city and the restaurant furnished with ZEITRAUM chairs.

Architect:Estudio Herreros
Interior Design:Brandl
Photography:Ole Walter Jacobsen

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