Skanno Home

FI – Espoo, 2021 | Residential

A place of tranquillity and inspiration

‘Skanno Home’ is a concept with two pop-up houses not far from Helsinki, each furnished by an interior designer: Laura Seppänen and Ulla Koskinen. Despite identical floor plans, two completely different interiors have been created. Laura Seppänen’s house is a successful foray into European design. The interior design of the house is full of fresh details and courageous solutions. The Scandinavian look of the house is balanced by an exquisite interior that dares to go wild, but is above all a place of tranquillity and inspiration.

Project:Skanno Home
Interior Design:Laura Seppänen
Photography:Mikael Pettersson
Photography outdoor:Sameli Rantanen

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