Together with selected designers, ZEITRAUM creates high-quality furniture for living areas and the commercial sector. Today our collection is comprised of over 90 products.

With 30 years of experience and a passion for working with solid wood, ZEITRAUM stands for a modern, minimalist design vocabulary and a sustainable approach to design. For us, sustainability is not the latest trend but a fundamental corporate philosophy, the basis for all our thinking and actions from the very beginning. Founded in 1990, ZEITRAUM was the first German furniture manufacturer to emphasize the combination of ecology and design.

Alongside our portfolio of furniture pieces we realize interior designs for sophisticated objects in Germany and abroad. We specialize in fitting out restaurants, bars, reception areas and hotel rooms, upmarket conference and meeting facilities. Our focus is on providing best possible quality of use.

“Never construct something
that cannot be repaired.”

Quote: Richard Buckminster Fuller


Masterpieces crafted
from solid wood

A piece of solid wood furniture serves to ground us in our world of non-durable consumer goods and fast-paced society. It provides a person with a sense of identity and roots. For us, the wood working trade is a jewel that we are preserving and constantly developing further with new technologies. We focus our senses on the functional and on high quality and build furniture as a bridge between generations.

Brand values

Identify the essential



Our home is in the Bavarian Alpine Upland. We are rooted to our homeland not so much by our location as by the knowledge …

Made in Germany

We draw from the wealth of experience gained over centuries in the typical regional woodworking in southern Germany and the Alpine region …


Our designs are a tribute to the pure, the purity of the material and the durability of the form. Out of conviction …

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Solid wood

It takes only one small gesture to understand our love of and enthusiasm for solid wood. Simply run your hand over the surface …


Lateral thinking and creativity combined with inspiring partnerships are what characterize our company spirit …


We feel deeply connected to the forest as a valuable habitat. This renewable material provides us with one of the most attractive materials …

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Design culture

Our design language is intentionally pure and unostentatious because solid wood is full of character alone due to its organic structure …

International sales partner

From a restaurant in Sydney, an office in Paris, the university in Utrecht to a family-run café in Moscow …

Regional production

The manufacturing process is based on our requirement of the unadulterated honesty of materials and of longevity …

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Working with solid wood requires concentration and skill from every person involved in the piece. The high level of training …


Knowing what the other is thinking without needing to say much enriches the cooperation and makes it one of our company’s most valuable assets …


The high degree of flexibility of our production and a marked sense of service of our sales team make it possible to create bespoke solutions …

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Brand values

Design culture

The formal language our furniture speaks is functional, clear and to the point. The combination of material expertise and contemporary design offers new solutions with lasting value.

In cooperation with international designers, we develop concepts that reach people all over the world who share our attitude. The design follows contemporary needs and resource-saving use. Over the course of time each piece of our furniture remains a favorite piece.