Curtain up!

The CURTAIN table resembles a fleeting snapshot of a moment in time: static in contrast to an organically flowing movement. Seemingly gravity-defiant drapery, thin-walled, supple and soft, yet precision-crafted from solid high-end wood that simultaneously supports a large-sized solid wood table top – inspiring a breathtaking moment.

Just like a sculpture, CURTAIN toys with our perception – the symbolism of the wave increases all the more as the material qualities of the solid wood fade into the background.

This harmonic symbiosis of form and material comes as a surprise, but also allows us to see the entire table as a self-restrained composition – rhythmically, the “curtains” create an atmosphere of floating serenity and inner calm.

CURTAIN is the new solid wood table manufactured by Zeitraum designed by the designer duo Julia Läufer and Marcus Keichel. The dominant wave form was crafted from a solid block in a sculptural manner, carried out by latest CNC technology. The base is subsequently sanded by hand and oiled, bringing the flowing movement to life.

Despite its suppleness, CURTAIN is a monument – as a conference table, it can withstand any tough negotiation, and as a dinner table, it serves as the meeting place for family and friends.

The table top is available in rectangular form or in the shape of a semicircle. Whether ash, walnut or oak, the dimensions range up to a monumental 4.0 meters in length with a continuous wood grain.