The Mondrianisation of organic shapes

The NOON light range’s motif is the geometric abstraction of branch formations. The NOON lights look as if they have grown naturally thanks to the design’s asymmetric arrangement.

The NOON light range is handmade in a manufactory in Seville, Spain, by a small team led by the designer EL Schmid. Small production units and precise detail work in the processing of materials imply the value and exclusivity of the lights. The textile lampshades emit a pleasantly soft light. The frame’s formal and strict design made out of iron looks gentle and warm thanks to the silk-matt powder coating.

Complemented by the natural timeless solid wood furniture from the ZEITRAUM collection, the NOON lights look strictly designed on the one hand but organic on the other. A contradiction in terms, so exciting and charming at the same time. They impress with their timeless uniqueness, they are easy to combine and are not subject to fashionable trends. Customised special heights are possible on request thanks to manufactory production.

“My aim today
for my work is
to create long-lasting
good design with a unique
character using master
handicraft detail work.”

 EL Schmid

To learn more about the creative process behind the NOON Lighting catalogue, we invite you to go behind the scenes at ZEITRAUM. Inspired by the Singspiel “Die Zauberflöte”, we have set out into the mystical world of light and shadow, in order to impressively highlight the NOON Lighting in the atmospheric environment and impressive architecture of the “Museum Ägyptischer Kunst” in Munich.

The room becomes secondary to the play of light and shadows, a whole variety of different atmospheres are produced depending on the brightness of the light. As a result, rooms visually gain depth or disappear into infinity.

Atmospheric rooms emerge that affect our subjective perception. The relationship between man and space is influenced by the perception of light and darkness.