Formed beech wood

Formed wood is made from several layers of veneer which are pressed into a mould under heat and pressure. This is a permanent change in the shape of the material. Due to the alternating direction of the grain in layers, an enormously resistant material with optimum physical properties is produced, which has even been used in aircraft construction.

This material has had a lasting influence on the history of furniture construction. In 1931, designer Mart Stam used three-dimensionally shaped plywood parts for the first time. His design, the S43 cantilever chair, is a classic today and is still produced by Thonet. Other pioneers of modern furniture construction, such as Ray and Charles Eames, also discovered this material in 1938 and designed the world-famous Lounge Chair, which has been in production since 1956 (LOHMANN, 2010). ZEITRAUM uses shaped beech wood in the manufacture of the chairs FORM, MORPH, OKITO PLY and ZENSO.

Fritz Becker GmbH & Co. KG – Form parts made of wood, from which the goods are sourced, are at home in a huge beech forest area and were the first manufacturer in Germany to be PEFC-certified. Becker therefore obtains its raw material directly from its doorstep. Today the company holds the FSC certificate in addition to numerous other quality certificates. The FSC seal places even higher demands on sustainable forestry and, in addition to ecological aspects, also includes social aspects such as fair working conditions and the obligation of suppliers to provide documentation. In this way, corruption and illegal forest management can be ruled out.