Medium density fibreboard (MDF) consists of wood fibres pressed under pressure, heat and binders. The homogeneous structure of the board makes it universally applicable. It can be ground, cut and milled without any special treatment. The MDF used by ZEITRAUM falls under emission class 1. This means that the material more than meets all requirements with regard to emission limits. Emission class 1 is the highest that can be achieved and corresponds to the state of the art according to DIN. In addition, the material is certified with the Blue Angel, RAL UZ 76 and CARB 2.

A wood-based material that is homogeneous in both the longitudinal and transverse directions is produced from ultra-fine residual and recycled wood by gentle pressing. The edges are smooth, firm and can be processed or profiled without additional glue. MDF is a material used on request only for the CODE shelf series and the SIMPLE bed.