European Walnut

Already in ancient Greece the walnut was the food of the gods, was regarded as a good luck charm and Symbol of fertility. The European walnut tree (Juglans) is harder, heavier and mostly brighter than the so often processed American version. Its trunk wood is matt-brown, light violet to black-brown and very popular in upmarket furniture construction due to its excellent processing properties and the special appearance.

The sometimes-irregular veins and the cloudy colouring are very attractive. Walnut wood is described as semi-ring porous and has a natural durability, which is above all due to the tannic acid inherent in the wood.

OriginGermany, Central Europe
CertificatesFSC, PEFC
CharacteristicsDeciduous tree, semi-ring porous, matt brown, violet to black brown, durable, hard, good processing properties
Average bulk density
(12-15 % wood moisture)