Knotty North American Walnut

The North American walnut (Juglans) has a unique appearance. In some cases, it appears in unusual

colouring and yet is familiar.

The wood used by ZEITRAUM comes from Missouri and Pennsylvania. It is sourced from two family owned companies, Missouri-Pacific Lumber Co. and Horizon Wood Products INC. The two companies have always been committed to sustainability. They take only single trees from huge forests. The ecological management provides optimal conditions for a natural regeneration of the forest, because the partial removal of trees allows light to reach the young plants, which can then take the place of the felled trees and provide for their own reproduction after many years.

With “Walnut wild”, ZEITRAUM designates an alternative to the otherwise rather plain wood selection and thus offers enthusiasts a deliberately natural and lively appearance of this wood species. Distinctive growth characteristics give each piece of furniture an individual character.

OriginPennsylvania, Missouri (USA)
CertificatesEvergreen Initiative, NHLA
Characteristics Deciduous tree, semi-ring-porous, dark matt brown, violet to black brown, very durable, hard, good processing properties
Average bulk density
(12-15 % wood moisture)