Knotty European Oak

We use the term “knotty oak” to describe an alternative to the otherwise rather plain wood selection and thus offer enthusiasts a deliberately natural and lively appearance of this wood species. Distinctive growth characteristics give each piece of furniture an individual character. Every tree has a knotty mantle, but this is usually not used in furniture manufacture for aesthetic reasons. But professionally processed, the “flaws” of the knotty wood do not matter in most cases and it can be used without hesitation. It is therefore possible to process almost the entire trunk into highquality, aesthetically interesting furniture. The composition of the wood used requires a trained eye and a fine sense for the overall appearance.

OriginNorth Bavaria, Germany, Central Europe
CertificatesFSC, PEFC
CharacteristicsDeciduous tree, dark yellow-brown, wild character, various wood characteristics, ring porous, hard, very durable, high strength
Average bulk density
(12-15 % wood moisture)