European Oak

The oaks (Quercus) are a plant genus in the family of the beech. They are easily recognized by their typical fruit, the acorn. The pioneer trees have a long history and are closely associated with us humans. In Germany, the Germanic tribes already regarded the oak as a sign of immortality and steadfastness because of its hard wood and the very late falling leaves. At the time of Romanticism it was above all a symbol of loyalty. In view of the long-lasting, stable wood, this term probably applies best. In material and professional processing, this wood is used to create faithful furniture that can be passed on over many generations.

OriginNorth Bavaria, Germany, Central Europe
CertificatesFSC, PEFC
CharacteristicsDeciduous tree, dark yellow-brown, plain, ring-porous, hard, very durable, high strength
Average bulk density
(12-15 % wood moisture)