Metallic materials


After steel, aluminium is the second most commonly used metallic material. Since the complex extraction of the primary raw material is very energy-intensive, aluminium is already recycled on a large scale. Depending on the electricity supply, up to 90 % of the primary energy can be saved. Thanks to its versatile properties and comparatively low weight, aluminium is used in a wide variety of areas. (cf. KALWEIT, 2012)


Thanks to its versatile properties, steel is one of the most widely used materials of all. The material is malleable, hard, resistant, has an enormously high strength and offers numerous processing possibilities. (cf. KALWEIT, 2012) Moreover, it can be excellently recycled – the share of steel scrap in German steel production is just under 45 % (STAHLZENTRUM, 2009). At ZEITRAUM, steel is mainly used for the NOON lamp series, the FORM chairs, the VERMU or KONTRA tables and the OKITO series.