Working with solid wood requires concentration and skill from every person involved in the piece. The high level of training of our master and apprentice cabinetmakers plays a decisive role in the production of our furniture. This starts with the selection of the wood, which requires a trained and sensitized eye – there must already be an idea of how the table top will look when the raw boards are compiled.

Healthy woods transformed into functional and beautiful furniture in perfect craftsmanship: this is what defines our quality standards.

For us transparency in the origin of our materials and the development of our products are a matter of course.



Knowing what the other is thinking without needing to say much enriches the cooperation and makes it one of our company’s most valuable assets. From internal staff, through designers and producers and on to suppliers and sales partners, all are on the same path.

The common growth is what unites us – We optimize processes, protect the environment and maintain a respectful relationship with each other.

We take responsibility to properly implement our ideas and visions.



The high degree of flexibility of our production and a marked sense of service of our sales team make it possible to create bespoke solutions for our customers.

Enjoyment and creativity go hand in hand with service and consultation at Zeitraum. Our customers and we as well benefit from short channels of communication with our production partners, who are able to support us in accordance with our values.