Atla Venice Beach

US – Los Angeles, 2023 | Hospitality

New York style meets Californian flair

Atla, a unique restaurant in Venice Beach, embodies the vibrant atmosphere and artistic spirit of this legendary neighbourhood. Located in a charming 1970s house, the restaurant occupies the entire ground floor, creating a picturesque courtyard and plant-lined avenue.

Atla’s architectural concept is a bold blend of the raw elegance of New York and the relaxed beauty of California. Elements of the New York original have been skilfully integrated into the design, including the terrazzo at the bar, the comfortable fabrics on the benches and the warm oak wood that creates an inviting atmosphere. The ZEITRAUM seating at the bar and tables has also been deliberately retained to preserve the restaurant’s identity.

But Atla is more than just a place to eat. It is a tribute to the cultural diversity and vibrant life of Venice Beach. The colour blue pervades the restaurant from the exterior walls to the decorative elements inside and is reminiscent of the radiant sea and clear skies over California. The atmosphere of Atla is inspired by the bohemian aesthetic of Venice Beach. Artful murals, casual boutiques and creative restaurants characterise the neighbourhood and are reflected in every detail of the Atla.

Interior Design:Taller ADG
Photography:Onnis Luque

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