Bantleon AG

DE – Hanover, 2016 | Office

Passion for authentic materiality and value

Bond manager Bantleon is a specialist in security oriented capital investments. Berlin illustrator, Olaf Hajek, has translated their corporate values into contemporary illustrations. These, in turn, were transformed by the interior architect into akustography, covering the internal core of the architecture from floor to ceiling. Nevertheless, it was necessary to divide the space into separate offices for the core business – consultations carried out primarily on the telephone – the room design uses glass fins to preserve the views and vistas of the architectural space. The differentiated canon of colours and materials is timeless, nuanced by fine functions and capacities and is determined by a passion for authentic materiality and value: wool fabrics, leather, natural stone, real wood, natural brass: simply valuable.

Interior Designer:Anne Stallkamp Innenarchitektur
Illustrations:Olaf Hajek, Berlin
Photographer:Martin Henze, Hannover

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