PT – Porto, 2019 | Hospitality

The pastry shop with café is located in the historic centre of Porto. Passing the typical Porto façade decorated with blue azulejos, you enter the confectionery at the round corner of the house. The counter, filled with Portuguese delicacies, takes up the design element of the curved surface. To the side of the entrance are bar chairs with a view of the old town.
The interior design is clear and contemporary, based on neutral colours (white, black and grey), complemented by some golden elements. The materials are a combination of grey marble and brass fillets along the walls, with hexagonal tiles in matt black. The floor, including the steps and stairs, is covered with Italian terrazzo mosaic in black and white.
The project divides the space into different functional sections. In the first room the cakes are displayed, with a cafeteria on the counter at the back. The second room has a small area with tables and chairs and a large glazed bakery where the bakers prepare the cakes; in the third room the puff pastry is made.
The chairs are arranged around small round tables whose tops are made of the same terrazzo as the floor. Customers sit by the window to admire the view of the city centre while enjoying a “Pastéi de Nata”.

Architect:LADO arquitectura e design
Photography:Francisco Nogueira

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