De Plantage

NL – Amsterdam, 2014 | Hospitality

Historical Building in Europe’s Oldest Zoo

The ‘Plantage’ neighborhood is located right in the centre of Amsterdam. It has always been Amsterdam’s green quarter. In the 17th century, wealthy citizens bought plots of land in this district in order to create gardens and build country estates. The quarter’s shaded avenues and parks are reminiscent of this past.

The park is home to Europe’s oldest zoo. The De Plantage restaurant is located next to the Flamingo enclosure. Its interior mirrors the historical structure’s elegance: a dark shade was selected for the seating and the black-stained MORPH BAR stool can be found at the gold-pannelled bar and around the high tables. Unobtrusive table lamps and Foscarini luminaires provide further gold accents.

Interior Design:Studio Linse
Photographer:Luuk Kramer

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