Haberkorn Canteen

AT – Wolfurt, 2023 | Hospitality

Customised furniture for the redesigned canteen

The canteen of Haberkorn GmbH shines in new splendour following a comprehensive redesign by NONA Architektinnen. At the centre of the canteen is a semi-transparent wooden construction that creates a calming space inside and radiates a cosy atmosphere outside thanks to the naturalness and honesty of the material. The oval CENA tables and MORPH chairs were customised to match the round wooden structure.
The high tables CENA HIGH offer sufficient space for small and large groups, the bar chairs MORPH BAR and fit harmoniously into the overall concept. Made from solid ash, the furniture guarantees robustness and durability.

Architect:NONA Architektinnen
Retailer:Casa Möbel
Photography:© Haberkorn / Clark

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