M8 Work & Create

DE – Munich, 2020 | Office

Reinterpretation of a Kontorhaus in Munich's Werksviertel

M8 Work & Create is located in the immediate vicinity of the new creative centre in the east of Munich, called “Werksviertel”. In addition to the new concert hall, numerous art and cultural attractions, many hotels and flats are being built here.
The expressive office building with its brick façade deliberately borrows from the industrial architecture of the 19th century. The architecture spans the arc from industrial construction to the “Kontorhaus” to modern times. The careful proportioning and fine structuring of the façade lend the building an austere lightness. The design with red-brown bricks and large window areas reinterprets the traditional clinker brick façades. The café in the two-storey foyer is furnished with the OKITO series. Bar stools and chairs emphasise the industrial character with the combination of steel frame and wood veneer. The solid top of the OKITO table is stained black to match.

Architect:Oliv Architekten
Photography:Edzard Probst

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