ALPENRAUM Collection

The Alps have their own special character, nature and man are in a direct relationship. The power of nature is present and tangible: extremes give rise to a microcosm. Plants cling to rocks and need little nourishment. The phases of the seasons are intense and barren. The lovely mountain flower defies the adversities of nature with its lightness. The essentials take centre stage.

Furniture for the Alpine region focuses on the conditions, materials and culture of the Alps. Appreciation, identity and a conscious use of resources lead to characteristic furniture, which was originally built and used directly on the mountain pastures.

In winter, when there was less work to be done in the countryside, there was time to make simple everyday objects. With the arrival of Alpine tourism from royal countries such as England at the turn of the century before last, elaborate and overloaded decorations were added to the wooden chairs, the so-called “Stabellen”, for the spa hotels.

“The plank chair is a typical chair
of the alpine region.
A chair with a backrest was
assembled from planks and posts
using the simplest of means.”

Florian Hauswirth, Designer

From the idea to series production

The Stabelle is a typical chair of the Alpine region. In the Alpine region, there is an understanding of design that is not tied to nationalities; an environment that is characterised by nature. A chair with a backrest was assembled from planks and posts using the simplest of means. The legs and backrest are inserted into the stool-like seat.

The “VNA CHAIR” chair is based on this construction. It is made of 100 % high-quality solid wood and is produced with a minimum of glue and a single screw. The seat moulding and the soft edges of the backrest used to be carved by hand, whereas today state-of-the-art CNC technology is used to precisely reproduce these ornate details. The character of the chair is characterised by the handcrafted design language, which has been translated into industrial production, embodying a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

The design thematises the “put together” as well as the penetration and merging. Contrasting and soft contours refer to the wood structure and create a harmonious image.

Portrait photo Florian Hauswirth by Anja Fonseka

The name “Vna” refers to a Rhaeto-Romanic village in the Swiss mountains. To kick off the project, Florian Hauswirth and ZEITRAUM spent a few days in this village. They captured the nature in the mountains, the regional craftsmanship and the charisma of the place. This atmosphere is reflected in the ALPENRAUM collection.