The Lifelong Dream of Your Own Café

Who hasn’t dreamt of opening their own café – including a small bar and serving an aperitif in the early evening? Let’s indulge the illusion for a moment and decorate the place in our heads.

Comfortable and modern, stylish and relaxed – the retail space in this old structure delights with expansiveness that you discover as you wander from one room to the next. The sand colored, open-pore walls were stucco-finished in mineral tones, exuding a pleasant warmth and sense of cosiness. The seemingly unfinished concrete floor highlights the organic nature of this expressive mix of materials. Door jambs and windows have been lovingly restored, fitting perfectly into the redesign.

We are taking a classic approach in defining the dining, bar, and lounge areas and can see the results in our heads – people coming and going, lively conversation, the clatter of dishes and clinking of glasses. The purist design of the furniture creates a harmonic atmosphere, blending discretely into the hustle and bustle.

Minimalistic in its style, but full of contrast in its material, the vibrant texture of the whitish grey ash wood is paired with the matt black, industrial pragmatism of steel. The assembly of the OKITO chair series, made up of the bar stool OKITO BAR and the broad chair model OKITO PLY DINING, invites visitors to linger in high comfort. The TURNTABLE provides a place to retreat to for those who want to sit together and have a good time.

Gazing into the enchanted courtyard, we’ll enjoy the delicious scent of a cappuccino as we relax in the comfortable lounge chair MORPH LOUNGE and continue dreaming of our own café.