DE – Spinnerei Leipzig

For the presentation of our new furniture designs, which will be presented for the first time at imm Cologne in 2018, we were looking for an extraordinary location. We not only take pictures of our collection in the studio, but also put it into a context. What’s important to us is the architecture, the lived spaces, the building materials, to photographically develop a world that reflects a sense of life, that awakens memories which inspire. Our furniture is so adaptable and versatile that it fits into a variety of ambiances.

In Leipzig we have found a place with the Spinnerei that offers scope for a subculture. Here we rediscovered the “old” Berlin before the potholes were filled, the facades repaired and the walls painted.

We felt this was from another era. The smells of the former industry, emptied of masonry, have catapulted us into bygone times. The sensory impressions were extreme at all levels. In addition to galleries and studios, we found a seamstress, a milliner, a printing workshop, where traditional tools are used to produce contemporary, unique pieces where you can discover your favorite pieces. A world of its own, with its own post office, but not unworldly.

We carried our furniture through interlocking corridors and stairwells and staged them in the master rooms. The interplay of the large industrial windows and the red masonry characterize the photo gallery.

We were able to take pictures with daylight; that’s how we captured the natural atmosphere. The sets were created in three rooms. We have replaced the existing furniture with our furniture. We have integrated the works of art into the pictures. Our materials, the American walnut, the choice of fabric and the color concept have been completely integrated into the master rooms.

The result is a newspaper with a critical text by Thomas Wagner and the photos of Mierswa-Kluska.

Photographer: Studio Mierswa-Kluska