Leckies Penthouse

CA – Vancouver, 2021 | Residential

Contemplation in the jungle

The penthouse is located in the 59-storey Vancouver House Tower overlooking English Bay and the North Shore Mountains. Along the staircase runs the glazed rainforest atrium, which extends vertically across both levels of the flat to the roof terrace and is open to the sky. The wild vegetation, which is reflected in the light installation, creates a strong contrast to the austere interior design. The unifying element is the earthy basic tone. American black walnut forms the wood panelling in the living room, kitchen and bathroom area. The high-quality wood was also used for the stairs.
The penthouse’s minimal furnishings include an oak-topped dining table with a cast bronze base, surrounded by black-stained chairs. The deep, multidirectional sofa allows for different postures and orientations.

Interior Designer:Leckie Studio
Photography:Conrad Brown
Art: Chati Coronel

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