LVR Administration Building

DE – Cologne, 2020 | Public Building

Between industrial charm and cosiness

The six-storey administration building is located at the port of Cologne/Deutz. The ground floor, where the café and canteen are located, is designed by UKW Innenarchitekten. On the one hand, the aim was to create a representative character, on the other hand, an inviting atmosphere to linger. The range of materials, from coarse exposed concrete to natural materials such as oak and natural stone, creates a field of tension between industrial charm and homeliness.

“The tension field of the design is taken to the extreme here. Visibly laid ventilation pipes and heating-cooling sails meet the finest joinery work, filigree patterns and silky shining surfaces.”, describes UKW Innenarchitekten the project, “Deep dark blue tiles with brown nuances, not black, not hard, but in a gentle imitation of the natural materials of the interior design emphasise the delicacy of the design – the soft core in the exposed concrete shell.”

Interior Design:UKW Innenarchitekten
Photography:Jens Kirchner

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