Wagners Juicery & Health Food

DE – Munich, 2016 | Hospitality

It's a place for food lovers

The Munich architectural office TKEZ Architecture & Design developed the interior of Wagners Juicery & Health Food.
The space is designed as a cool and layed back ambience with various areas to enjoy the famous foods and drinks. Take a seat at the window walnut high table or just relax in the lounge area, which is equipped with seating furniture and tables of Zeitraum.

The polygonal, crystal white marble block with cut-in glass case designed by TKEZ forms the center of the day’s bar around which the different living areas are arranged. The contour line of this striking marble block is recorded in the geometry of the diamond-forming lamellar structure, which is installed at the visible concrete ceiling.

Architect:TKEZ Architecture & Design
Photographer:Oliver Heissner

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