Repairing instead of consuming

From lifestyle to social movement: Neo-ecology now determines the economic actions of companies and is the benchmark for a sustainable lifestyle. Supported by people's growing awareness of the environment and responsibility, this new Zeitgeist is shaping consumer behaviour as well as everyday life. This awareness focuses again on the basic needs for a good, healthy life in harmony with nature.

Out of conviction, we commit ourselves holistically to sustainable action and feel obliged to the principle of the reparability of our products. In this way, we guarantee their longevity over generations. In terms of the circular economy, the maintenance of a piece of furniture is a central element of climate protection and serves to conserve natural resources. The longer the life of a piece of furniture, the more its environmental impact is reduced.

At our location in Wolfratshausen, furniture has always been repaired, reworked and renewed. With the founding of the partner workshop “Kreislauf” by our sustainability manager Tim Köhnken and his brother Max Köhnken, we have gained a location in Berlin where this idea is continued. There they repair, construct and tinker with their hands and minds on concepts that make life more sustainable.

“Knowing that something
can be fixed,
or maybe is
already fixed, helps us
love our daily companions
and use them longer.”

Tim Köhnken, Kreislauf

To kick off the cooperation, a customer’s request was fulfilled and a MELLOW bed was restored. After 15 years, the customer’s spatial situation changed and the bed was reworked and restored from its original size of 200 × 200 cm to 160 × 200 cm. In the following photo series, the work processes are documented, ranging from sanding and reworking to applying the oil.

Tim Köhnken
Max Köhnken

In the future, we plan to establish a Germany-wide network of partner workshops that will take care of your favourite furniture independently of ZEITRAUM. Of course, you can also carry out simple repairs yourself. Each piece of furniture comes with a care and repair kit. You can find the instructions here.

For questions about your own maintenance or repair requests, you can contact us directly:

Äußere Münchner Straße 2
82515 Wolfratshausen

Kreislauf Werkstatt
Modersohnstraße 35-45
10245 Berlin

Video and pictures by Adrian Höllger

First, all parts of the bed frame are sanded.
Over the years, the wood works and some glued transitions are no longer a perfect fit. These are reworked and sanded.
A broken piece of the bed foot is cleanly cut off and a new piece of wood is glued on. The foot is worked on and restored to its original shape.
Worn holes are drilled out, wooden plugs are glued in and the holes are re-drilled.
After touching up and repairing, all parts are oiled several times after fine sanding.
The leather strap, which has become slightly cracked over the years, is reconditioned and greased.